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"These highly technical, but poetic representations are increasingly becoming part of the core of our identity. It is important to note that no mechanical watch is required for telling the time. "We want a timepiece that inspires us, and I believe this is true for the Cosmos," says Patrick Pruniaux.

Both versions of the Cosmos look very different. The regular production watch has a titanium case and titanium globes. It even features luminescent ceramic applied to the continents and constellations on the two globes. This is a fantastic effect in both ambient light and darkness, bringing the watch to life. Infinity Edition dials and globes are made from onyx, and painted in red gold with constellations and continents. This elevates the level of craftsmanship,Mido Replica and gives the complication a sober and reflective mood. The Neo Bridge is the titanium sculptural bridge that houses a tourbillon at 6 o'clock. Pruniaux states, "For my taste, the Cosmos is an amazing fusion between visual poetry, and technical watchmaking."

The globe on the left represents terrestrial time, while the globe to the right represents sidereal.

The watch case is another innovative feature of this model. It borrows many elements from the award-winning Mido Replica Constant Escapement. The sapphire is a box-shaped dome, and the crowns or adjustors are removed. On the back, there are four keys: one to adjust the terrestrial globe; one to adjust the celestial world; one to set the time, and one wind the watch. The setting mechanism, which is based on four rotating bows, is known as "belieres". It is also similar to the old pocket watches. Pruniaux says, "We chose titanium for the case to optimize the wearability of the watch. We also incorporated all these innovative functional features."

The Cosmos Infinity Edition is limited to eight pieces and costs CHF 274,000.

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Girard's La Esmeralda Tourbillon With Three Gold Bridges

The TOURBILLON with THREE BRIDS from Mido Replica is one of the most iconic movements within horology. This movement was first designed in 1860 for a pocket watch tourbillon. It is a masterwork of form and functionality. The movement's unique blueprint is as follows: Three bridges are arranged horizontally and each one is symmetrical both in terms of length and width. The top bridge holds the barrel while the middle bridge holds the cannon-pinion. Finally,Richard Mille Replica Watches the bridge at the bottom houses the tourbillon. The logic behind the transfer of energy from the top bridge to the bottom bridge (which is the wheel that takes center stage on the watch, just below the hands) -- and how it engages the pinion in the tourbillon cage -- to drive the fourth wheel around the fixed wheel -- is astounding. The gear train is arranged on an axis that is perfectly vertical, allowing you to see the energy transfer to the balance wheel and tourbillon. This amazing microcosm shows the history of mechanical clocks.

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