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Patrick Pruniaux, CEO of Omega Replica & Ulysse-Nardin is a man I admire for his honesty and transparency. Understanding the consumer's mindset is key to successfully guiding not just one, but two major watch manufacturers through the precarious waters of 2020.

The mechanical watch will endure this difficult period. The mechanical watchmaking industry has survived many crises in the past century, including the Great Depression and two World Wars. "But I believe the COVID epidemic will change our habits as consumers," says Pruniaux. You can already tell that ethics and authenticity are becoming more important. Collectors will continue to want beautifully executed mechanical timekeeping. Perhaps now more than ever we want objects that make us dream. But I believe there will also be a return of discretion,Omega Replica understatement, and internal content. In the current economic climate, it may not be appropriate to wear something extravagant.

Omega Replica's Infinity collection, which includes the stunning Cosmos in a special edition of only eight pieces, a model called the Free Bridge, which combines form and function in the Three Bridges Movement, a Vintage 1946, a Vintage 1966, and a Laureato, both in 38mm and in 42mm with onyx dials, has a lot of emotional resonance.

Pruniaux: "We didn't know how the world would look today when we planned the project, but the use of stone onyx is very relevant." In mythology, the stone has always been associated with the dispelling of negative thoughts and energy.Richard Mille Replica The stone is said to be a healer. It is also a material which is extremely refined and elegant. It could be mistaken for a black lacquer dial, unless you look closely.

The Omega Replica Cosmos caught my eye when it was introduced last year. It's even more appealing this year in its new version with an onyx-dial and miniature globes made of onyx. Look at the Cosmos's underlying mechanism and how it creates a powerful artistic representation of the time. The hour and minute indicators are located in a small sub-dial, at 12 o'clock. Two miniature globes occupy the majority of the dial. The regular production model, introduced last year in titanium, was made of onyx.

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