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For 2020, two versions of the 1966 are available, both in 40mm and 30mm sizes, with onyx dials. The 1966 is a Zen-style watch that I've worn when I want to achieve a mental calm. This has, let's be honest, been a major priority in the past few months. One of the ways I counteract the sensory overload of news is to turn off the television and gaze at the grand feu dial of my white gold 1966. The onyx dials of these two watches transport you to a serene state. This state can also be achieved by drinking multiple negronis. Pruniaux says that these watches are an excellent example of what he was talking about earlier: discreet, understated timepieces with a depth due to the use of onyx. This kind of perfection can only be achieved in a black dial by using onyx or grand feu enamel.

Vintage 1945 is a watch that always delivers in terms of practical complications for its price of CHF 15,690. The watch has a date function as well as an integrated moonphase indicator, which is located at 6 o'clock. Pruniaux states, "The resultant watch is incredibly charm. It's my first Vintage 1945, and I find the combination of the elegant Deco case with the onyx dial and gold seconds hand to be very appealing. The Vintage 1945 is only available in a limited edition of 88 pieces.

The Tissot Replica Laureato, along with the Nautilus or omega replica watches, is one of those famous integrated-bracelet sports-chic watches that was the prevailing style in the '70s. It still resonates with collectors to this day. Tissot Replica chose onyx dials for its two new Laureato models in 42 mm or 38 mm with a diamond bezel to enhance the "chicness" of this model.

The onyx dials give the Laureato a new level of sophistication,Replica Tag Heuer Watches making it perfect for black-tie events. Pruniaux says: "To me, onyx makes the Laureato more adaptable." It adds to its dressiness but the material's subtle lustre allows it to be equally comfortable in a sports environment.

The exclusive retailer of this limited edition Laureato is Wempe Jewelers. Pruniaux said, "It's a statement about our belief in partnerships such as Wempe and The Hour Glass. Our retailers are partners for us and we are always in dialogue with them about our products, as we believe that they are truly in touch with the minds and hearts of the world's most discerning collectors.

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